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Artwork by Joyce Auteri

Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Joyce Auteri

Joyce Auteri I've come full circle.

When I was a toddler living in Brooklyn, my mom would sit me on the floor with scrap paper and crayons and I would keep myself busy for hours she said. When I was a bit older I would play with my dolls, make things out of paper (like a pocketbook for my mom) or I would be in our basement painting on canvas (making a mess, really). When I was 9 years old my mom, single at the time, took me to oil painting classes at the home of Ann Basilico. I will never forget that woman’s name, my first mentor, and I will always be so grateful to my mom who sacrificed things she likely wanted to buy for herself in order to afford those classes for me.

Right about that same time, mom also encouraged me to get out of the house to meet and play with the girls down the block. But I was reluctant. I wanted to just stay in my room, making stuff.

You see, I was a loner. I enjoyed my time alone playing with my dolls, making things out of paper, coloring with crayons, drawing with pencil and painting with oils. Some would call that 'being an artist'.

Just being creative, all by myself. I think a lot of artists are like me.

I did as mom asked, though, and since then have made LOTS of friends.

As the years passed, I dabbled in many mediums, e.g., oils, acrylics, watercolors, alcohol inks, scratchboard, ceramics, assemblage, porcelain dolls, paper dolls, carved eggs, Washi eggs.

In 2013, I fulfilled a dream and took a trip to Italy. And in keeping with who I am, I went by myself. But it wasn't just a trip. I stayed for three months. THAT was the dream, i..e., to actually live there and immerse myself in the culture of my ancestors. I took over 2000 photos while there and finally in 2017, I began to paint some of them. Back to oils. I just love painting with oils. The smell takes me back to Brooklyn, to my basement and Ann Basilico's basement. Good memories. I love how oils blend and flow. I love the process. I love mixing the colors. I even love cleaning my palette and brushes. Weird, I know.

About a year ago, I needed a bit of a diversion again so I played with broken glass - something I just had to try after I found a class on mosaicing . But instead of using a flat surface and ceramic tiles, I used broken glass and decided to leave out the grout. Using plastic mannequins as my substrate instead of wood, I paint them first and then painstakingly cover them with the broken glass. During the process, I often install ephemera on them to create a theme, e.g., Steampunk, music, boudoir. This genre has forced me to become pretty good with a Dremel, vices, saws and the ol' power drill.

Lately, I'm painting Pop Art Animals either in acrylics or oils, depending on the time of year. They're colorful, bright, mostly whimsical and they tend to make you smile.

I still have a day job but when I'm not doing that, 90% of the rest of my time I'm in my studio painting, drawing, and once and a while creating a glassed mannequin.

So I still happily spend a lot of time alone, creating.

Full circle.

Thank you for reading my story.

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